About Carfinder Fred LLC

Before telling you who we are, I’ll tell you what we’re not. We are not your typical dealership and I am not a traditional salesperson. We are not here to sell you a car – but instead to help you buy one. We do so with complete integrity, full price disclosure, and a business model that is second to none.

We are a car finder, which means we will find the right car for your needs. To make sure you get the car of your dreams, we consider every factor: the car’s purpose, your personal taste, budget and more. Whether you are looking for a car to impress, business needs, family car, or you’re a first-time driver – you can trust us. Our entire business is built on 20 years of service and a loyal customer base.

We purchase only high-grade vehicles, as close to new as we can get – with the ability to find a car that suits your mile range and other requirements in minutes by partnering with the nation’s largest integrated auto auction. In fact, it is not uncommon to have a car that directly meets your requirements delivered within just a few days. Car Finder Fred stays current with all of the makes and models that are recommended buys from various automobile resources, as well as the vehicles that receive the best feedback from many long-term clients.

What truly sets us apart from the traditional dealership is the Car Finder Fred experience. If you are here, you have most likely been referred since we only have one means of advertising: satisfied customers. We invite you to sit down one on one and determine what car is the best fit for you. Once that is decided, we handle all things associated with getting your vehicle from wherever point A may be to you.

The first step of this process is to submit an inquiry or stop by our location. We will locate potential cars that fit your needs. Once we have found a car, we will prepare for bidding. The car will be set up for transportation and sent directly to the showroom. Detailing is one of our complimentary services already included in the flat-fee.

Thank you for considering Carfinder Fred, we look forward to finding your next car.

About the owner, Fred

As a child, many of those close to me considered me to be a car buff. What started with a fascination of Matchbox cars later developed into a career in the automotive industry. In high school, I worked for a local dealership in the service department with the desire to go into automotive sales, but management prevented me due to my age.

Determined, I left the auto shop for a sales role at another dealership. After one month, I returned to my previous dealership with invoices for the cars I sold – I was immediately hired as a sales consultant. At the end of my first year, I was both the youngest and top salesman at the dealership – earning the Gold Master Sales Award with Buick Motor Division.

I soon left the industry to help grow a family business. Years later, after developing strong relationships in the community, I returned to the automotive industry. This time, however, I went into business for myself.

I have always viewed myself as an honest person. As a boy scout, I was instilled with life skills that proved to be critical to both my development and character. My dad was a significant role model and truly displayed passion for his work. His customers adored him for his work ethics and integrity, and I grew up wanting to emulate the traits that made him successful with both business and people.

The auto sales profession has changed dramatically since I first started. As time progresses, the traditional trips to the dealership become less common, and online auto searches is defining the norm. While our approach centers highly on the traditional model – it differs in a variety of ways.

I let all my customers interact with the purchasing process from “soup to nuts” and have full disclosure, removing all of the unwanted pressures and fees that are associated with other establishments. Our flat fee approach is not only ethical, but puts the customer (for once) in the drivers seat. Come by and see what it’s all about.

About Angelica

As a young kid growing up, I always saw my father as a hard working man. In this particular industry, he's as honest as it gets. Upon graduating in May of 2018, I received my bachelors degree in finance from Rowan University. Kicking off my automotive career in the summer of 2015, I learned how to operate a business honestly with integrity, while providing an entertaining experience. I am happy to begin my career here full time alongside my father.

Now known as "little Fred", I look forward to creating long lasting relationships with existing and future clients.

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